Welcome to my fan fiction and fan art site.

I created this site back in fall of 2003 to house my work after noticing how many of the early fansites I'd been involved with were disappearing, mostly due to neglect after many of the people involved in the fandoms moved on to other interests. I also wanted a space where I could put, and promote, my work without having to deal with fandom politics and issues of who didn't like whom and which sites didn't get along. (If you don't like me, odds are you're not looking for my work anyway.)

Almost everything here is fandom-related. I keep my non-fandom life as separate as possible (Gee, I wonder what my bosses might think if they knew I wrote erotica? Let's not find out!) so there won't be any material from there. The closest you'll get to that is the feed from my blog. At the moment I'm not all that active in fandom-related things; this site has been fairly dormant since I went back to college and will probably continue to be until I finish grad school. We'll see what happens after then.

December 28th, 2012 by Ardath Rekha

A few new updates

So here it is, almost 2013, and I’m still plugging away at my Master’s Degree. So not a lot is happening on the writing front for my old stories, but I did get bitten by a new muse recently. So yeah, there’s a new story in my archives, based on two of the characters from Prometheus. I will be bringing over more of its chapters in the next few days, and updating Falling Angels (which has gotten up to chapter 5 elsewhere) too. Other than that, I’ve just been writing academic things.

You may have noticed that the site is looking a little different suddenly. Or not. I don’t know, LOL! But I’m tweaking the look a little. At this point, I’ve applied the new look to my front page, and I have it mostly applied to the archive, and you can also see it on my blog page (which now points to my Dreamwidth blog rather than my InsaneJournal blog… the content is actually pretty much the same, but I’ve already styled the .css on the Dreamwidth version, so it was easier to just point at it instead of also scheduling time to muck about on IJ).

After some consideration and a great deal of fussing with files (and then needing to decompress in a big way) I’ve decided to can the message board. I’ve never been all that great at interactivity, the stories are pretty much all in the archive, and the message board program had turned into a steaming hunk of crap. I got so frustrated with it that I decided I’d rather just ditch it. Those of you who want to get in touch with me, click on the “Ardath” button and come talk to me on my Dreamwidth journal. I may put some other means of communication up in the near future. But the message board is being buried at sea.

Otherwise, things are moving at their usual slowish pace. But I’m still alive, and a few things are actually  happening around here. Cheers!

July 10th, 2011 by Ardath Rekha

Minor updates

Well, not a whole lot has changed since I last updated, but a few things should be addressed at this point, so it’s time for an update.

First: It’s still going to be a while before I can really get back into my fanfic and try to finish the dangling pieces.  I graduated in December, woo hoo, but now grad school has taken over my life!  Term papers and the like have to take precedence.

Second: Although not much new has happened in this regard, I’ve decided that the only sites that are authorized to archive (or otherwise post) my stories are those sites that have given me direct access for editing and revision (or even deletion if necessary) of the works.  That means that if I can’t log into the archive to make changes, you can’t have it.  You can still come and read it here, though, and at the sites that have given me direct access (AoVD, RGFC, AFF.net, etc.).

If you’re an archivist, and your site doesn’t allow for that, please either remove my stories at this time or contact me about the situation and we can talk.  At this point, the only sites that are exempt from this are really old sites that have more or less gone defunct, and where contacting the service provider about removal could potentially get the whole site deleted (something I’d rather not do, given how much other hard-to-find material might get lost in the process).

Other than that, all’s quiet on this front.

May 14th, 2008 by Ardath Rekha


Well, it’s been a while… but a bunch of things on my site just changed, so I thought I’d post an update on the front page to let everyone know what’s been going on.

So here’s the situation right now: Read the rest of this entry »