May 14th, 2008 by Ardath Rekha


Well, it’s been a while… but a bunch of things on my site just changed, so I thought I’d post an update on the front page to let everyone know what’s been going on.

So here’s the situation right now:

  1. You’ll probably notice that my fanfiction is no longer located in the /fiction/ folder, and all of your links into there suddenly stopped working. I’m very sorry about that. There were some major issues with spambots targeting the site, and so I’ve reworked my fiction altogether and moved it to a new folder. Because I really don’t feel like being helpful to the spambots, in any way, I’ve simply deleted the entire /fiction/ folder and they can just stew. Click on the “Read” button and you’ll go right to the fiction in its new location.
  2. Oh, but there’s the next catch! You now have to join the archive in order to read any of its contents. This is how I’m dealing with the latest round of… fandom batshittery that headed my way a few months ago. Joining is free and easy and requires no personal information other than a valid email address. As an added incentive, I’ve uploaded a number of stories and a few essays that you’ve probably never seen. ;)
  3. I am not writing fanfiction at the moment, although I do hope to finish my incomplete stories in the future. At the moment, though, I’m back in University, pursuing a degree, and that’s eating up almost all of my time. I’ve also been doing some pro writing — nothing all that exciting yet, no fiction — and that’s been eating up a lot of my creative energy. But I do hope to continue the stories here eventually!
  4. As a final thing, my site now only stores my own materials. For a while I was acting as custodian to some materials that belonged to other sites; that’s ceased to be the case. Aya’s beautiful animal pictures can now be found at Ayabie Online, and the things I was storing for AoVD’s staff have now moved to their webspace. So if you were following an old link to any of those things, sorry about that, but they’re no longer here.

My email address is ardath [at] ardath-rekha [dot] com (don’t forget to correct the address before sending me mail — it’s “broken” to hold spambots and viruses at bay, not your letters). Any questions can be addressed there, or posted to the message board.

Thank you,

Ardath Rekha

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