July 10th, 2011 by Ardath Rekha

Minor updates

Well, not a whole lot has changed since I last updated, but a few things should be addressed at this point, so it’s time for an update.

First: It’s still going to be a while before I can really get back into my fanfic and try to finish the dangling pieces.  I graduated in December, woo hoo, but now grad school has taken over my life!  Term papers and the like have to take precedence.

Second: Although not much new has happened in this regard, I’ve decided that the only sites that are authorized to archive (or otherwise post) my stories are those sites that have given me direct access for editing and revision (or even deletion if necessary) of the works.  That means that if I can’t log into the archive to make changes, you can’t have it.  You can still come and read it here, though, and at the sites that have given me direct access (AoVD, RGFC, AFF.net, etc.).

If you’re an archivist, and your site doesn’t allow for that, please either remove my stories at this time or contact me about the situation and we can talk.  At this point, the only sites that are exempt from this are really old sites that have more or less gone defunct, and where contacting the service provider about removal could potentially get the whole site deleted (something I’d rather not do, given how much other hard-to-find material might get lost in the process).

Other than that, all’s quiet on this front.

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