December 28th, 2012 by Ardath Rekha

A few new updates

So here it is, almost 2013, and I’m still plugging away at my Master’s Degree. So not a lot is happening on the writing front for my old stories, but I did get bitten by a new muse recently. So yeah, there’s a new story in my archives, based on two of the characters from Prometheus. I will be bringing over more of its chapters in the next few days, and updating Falling Angels (which has gotten up to chapter 5 elsewhere) too. Other than that, I’ve just been writing academic things.

You may have noticed that the site is looking a little different suddenly. Or not. I don’t know, LOL! But I’m tweaking the look a little. At this point, I’ve applied the new look to my front page, and I have it mostly applied to the archive, and you can also see it on my blog page (which now points to my Dreamwidth blog rather than my InsaneJournal blog… the content is actually pretty much the same, but I’ve already styled the .css on the Dreamwidth version, so it was easier to just point at it instead of also scheduling time to muck about on IJ).

After some consideration and a great deal of fussing with files (and then needing to decompress in a big way) I’ve decided to can the message board. I’ve never been all that great at interactivity, the stories are pretty much all in the archive, and the message board program had turned into a steaming hunk of crap. I got so frustrated with it that I decided I’d rather just ditch it. Those of you who want to get in touch with me, click on the “Ardath” button and come talk to me on my Dreamwidth journal. I may put some other means of communication up in the near future. But the message board is being buried at sea.

Otherwise, things are moving at their usual slowish pace. But I’m still alive, and a few things are actually¬† happening around here. Cheers!

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