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Welcome to Ardath Rekha's Fan Fiction Archive
This area of my site houses my stories, articles, and related written materials that are connected to specific fandoms. I used to have some original work on here, but things have happened that make that a bad idea, so I've had to pull it. You will need to register for an account with the archives (it's totally free and confidential) to read my stories, as well, for similar reasons.

Update as of April 2009: I always thought this went without saying, but apparently it doesn't. Don't spam the reviews. If you post half a dozen reviews to a story that just say "great" over and over, don't be surprised if your account gets locked. Just sayin'.
Most Recent
Forbidden Gifts by Ardath Rekha M
He woke up from a 2,000-year sleep seeking vengeance for an unspeakable crime, only to find himself confronted by the descendants of his sworn enemies. She came in search of humanity's oldest friends, only to discover that an ancient treachery had turned them into foes. But in this AU, instead of facing off in a fight to the death, the last human survivor of the Prometheus mission and the last Engineer on LV-223 establish a truce, and even an alliance.
Falling Angels by Ardath Rekha M
Kyra, Jack, and Riddick... a triad that's been irrevocably altered by time and war... try to come back together. But none of them are who, or what they seem to be.
Random Story
Apprentice by Ardath Rekha MA
Four and a half years after the crash of the Hunter-Gratzner, now-18-year-old Jack is released from the juvenile facility she’s lived in for four years. Due to her refusal to help the authorities capture Riddick, they’ve done their best to ensure that her future will be as bleak as possible, until Riddick himself returns to rescue her. But the forces arrayed against them, determined to recapture Riddick at any cost, are enormous...
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