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Rhiana Griffith icons | 5 images


Rhiana Griffith is my muse. From the moment I saw her portraying Jack in Pitch Black, her performances struck a chord with me. It took me forever to find other works she'd been in, but every time I did, I was blown away all the more by how versatile, talented, intelligent, and beautiful this young woman was, and how she always made me feel like her character's emotions were mine. I can't say enough about her, so, since they say "a picture is worth a thousand words," maybe this will work better.


Riddick/Jack icons | 2 images


Ah... my favorite couple! If you love this couple as much as I do -- the teenage runaway with the heart of a hero, and the escaped convict whose soul she helped transform -- these icons are definitely going to be your cup of tea, too.


One True Jack/Jack Classic icons | 16 images


If you know me, you know how thoroughly the recasting debacle connected to The Chronicles of Riddick pissed me off, and how many people I lost respect for in the process. I keep hoping that someone at the studio will get a brain and make that godawful "Barbie the Vampire Slayer" they called Kyra into a completely separate person (she didn't have a shred of Jack in her anyway) and restore the Jack that Rhiana made us all love... so these icons are staying in circulation.


Illyria Icons | 3 images


Illyria... one of my other favorite fandom characters. A brilliant, sweet young woman gets subsumed by the soul of a millions-of-years-old demon-god... whose world has long since passed, and who must rely on the very people who hate it for destroying their beloved friend, if it's to find any place in the modern world. Wonderfully complex and poignant stuff, and the best example of how to change a character without raping away everything her fans care about or trivializing the loss they feel. (Hey, David Twohy, pay attention!)


River Icons | 2 images


River, from Firefly and Serenity, is another of my all-time favorite characters. An augmented supergenius driven mad by what was done to her mind without her consent, she struggles just to stay sane, and periodically engages in some remarkable behaviors. Bonus points for the whole "I can kill you with my brain" thing.


Veronica Mars icons | 2 images


Ah, Veronica! The investigative girl wonder who's also stuck being a social misfit... who doesn't need a "brainy sidekick" because she's got serious brain power in her own right... and who kicks ass and takes names using her brain rather than ridiculous uber-glam kung-fu moves. No wonder I think she's fantastic.


Wacky Animal Icons | 28 images


I'm an animal nut. Especially a baby animal nut. I joined an LJ community that had a ton of baby animal pictures... and a lot of them started shouting icon slogans at me. So, you know... when the Graphics Bunny hops on your head, you obey.


Misc. Icons | 12 images


Icons are fun. I love making them. I love it when some wacky idea hits me and I just have to make an icon to commemorate it.


Icons I made for others | 3 images


Unlike the rest of the icons, these were made for specific people, and are only here for show. Please do not use them. If the person I made them for gives me permission, I will move them into another folder for general circulation, but if they're in this folder, just look; don't touch.



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