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Prometheus Manips | 1 images


You know, I thought I was going to be AWOL from fandom forever, and that this whole gallery was going to be just kind of a museum to a period of my life that was long over. Then a new plot bunny came into my life and started stomping on my head, and now I have this new muse. You know I have an OTP when I start 'shipping and 'shopping...


Pitch Black photomanips | 3 images


I love Pitch Black. It remains one of my favorite movies. I love the way the characters were remarkably vivid and yet incredibly mysterious... and so open to interpretation. They hadn't been ruined yet by having their pasts and futures set in stone. And I... love applying some unusual interpretations to them.


Riddick/Jack photomanips | 7 images


Ahhhh... my favorite couple again! Okay, yes, Jack was much too young for Riddick in Pitch Black, but I do feel that, a few years on down the line, she'd be absolutely perfect for him. She accepted him as he was, never tried to change him, and was a strong-willed girl in her own right, making her a perfect foil for the dangerous ex-con. And just look what a hot couple they'd make.


Rhiana Griffith photomanips | 3 images


One of my favorite styles of fan art is the photomanip. I can draw and paint, although my arthritis has put a major cramp in that since I was in my mid-20s. Photomanipulations allow me to play with color and perspective, and combine images I love in new and interesting ways. Rhiana Griffith is one of my favorite models for those.


Other weirdness! | 2 images


Sometimes I just... do stuff. It doesn't necessarily make sense to anybody but me. Usually that means there's an epic backstory behind it or something. Or it could just be that I had too much caffeine.



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