Welcome back to my site!

It’s been several years since this site has been functional, much less active, but things are finally moving again. I’m reviving my fan fiction archive and fan art gallery, and I have many more exciting projects on the way in the months to come. This front page will let me keep everybody up-to-date on exactly what I’m working on. More pages will come online as we go, but I’m excited to be back.

Things are still a work-in-progress on this end. The archive/gallery system is fully functional and I’m excited about its launch. A similar design will, in the next several months, be launching on the Rhiana Griffith Fan Club and the Art of Vin Diesel websites. Since my site houses only my own work and is thus the smallest of the three, it serves as a perfect testing-ground for the design. Please feel free to explore, and to check back periodically.

I lost touch with a lot of people over the years, on the sites and on LiveJournal (which I left in the wake of the whole Strikethrough/Boldthrough fiasco, and which has since become a literal Russian Asset) and I would love to reconnect with friends and readers. So please drop a comment, either here or in the archive, and let’s get back in touch! I’ve missed all of you.

Ardath Rekha