Welcome back to my site!

It’s been several years since this site has been functional, much less active, but things are finally moving again. I’m reviving my fan fiction archive and fan art gallery, and I have many more exciting projects on the way in the months to come. This front page will let me keep everybody up-to-date on exactly what I’m working on. More pages will come online as we go, but I’m excited to be back.

Things are still a work-in-progress on this end. The archive/gallery system is fully functional and I’m excited about its launch. A similar design will, in the next several months, be launching on the Rhiana Griffith Fan Club and the Art of Vin Diesel websites. Since my site houses only my own work and is thus the smallest of the three, it serves as a perfect testing-ground for the design. Please feel free to explore, and to check back periodically.

I lost touch with a lot of people over the years, on the sites and on LiveJournal (which I left in the wake of the whole Strikethrough/Boldthrough fiasco, and which has since become a literal Russian Asset) and I would love to reconnect with friends and readers. So please drop a comment, either here or in the archive, and let’s get back in touch! I’ve missed all of you.

We Have Liftoff!

Welcome back to my website, after several years of absence. This is such an exhilarating time for me. The process of rebuilding this site has been extraordinary, and dusting off all of my old stories has gotten my creative juices flowing in a big way!

So the biggest news is the eBooks. That’s right, every single work of fanfic I’ve written is now super portable, and can be downloaded to pretty much any eBook reader or app of your choice. They are also available as printable PDFs for anyone who is so inclined. This is to ensure that, no matter how you’re browsing my site, there’s a way for you to comfortably read the stories on it. And if anything ever happens to send me into a years-long hiatus again, whatever stories you felt inclined to download won’t disappear with me and you can revisit them at your convenience.

The next big news is that we’ll be doing the same thing for RGFC and AoVD in the months to come. RGFC has somewhere around 150 stories in its archive, and AoVD’s story count (including a whole lot of materials we were planning to get into the archive but never actually got around to) is nearly 700 works, so the process of converting them to these new formats will take a little longer. But we’re well on our way, and a lot of useful practice (and experimentation!) was conducted with my stories and pages.

What else? Oh, yes! The final bit of big news is that there is one work in my archive that is temporarily unavailable: The Slow Burn. That was the very first piece of fanfic I ever wrote, and became my least favorite because I really hadn’t found my style yet, and I was trying to do a Riddick/OFC piece which turned out to really not be my thing. But when you’re dredging everything out to convert for showcasing on your brand-new archive, sometimes the wackiest muses hit. Or, at the very least, I found myself saying “this will not do” when I took a fresh look at chapter 3… and next thing I knew, I’d rewritten it, rewritten chapter 4, and shoe-horned in a brand new chapter between chapter 4 and what had been chapter 5. Anyway, while I’m tearing it up and messing with it, it will stay offline… but I’m having way too much fun and I suspect it will be back soon— hopefully much improved.

So that’s the situation! More to come soon!