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Since not all of my works are complete, and since some readers get really tetchy when they get to the end of the last-available chapter and realize that the story hasn’t actually concluded, I’ve divided my stories into “Incomplete” and “Complete” works. All of my incomplete works are still in-progress, but I can’t make promises about exactly when a new chapter will drop. So if you don’t want to get invested in an unfinished work, you don’t have to.

Complete Works (34)Incomplete Works (9)

If you’re predisposed to only read stories that you know are complete, this section is for you! Every story on this page is a finished work. That doesn’t mean that you won’t necessarily have “and then what happened?” questions… but those answers are going to have to come from you, rather than me. 😉

“So Ardath,” you ask, “why do you have so many incomplete stories?”

Actually, there are only nine of them. (Now, if we figured in RPs, which aren’t actually archived here, then yes, it would be much higher. Keeping an RP going to a specific conclusion is difficult because you have to coordinate with your partner or partners and life is even more likely to get in the way. But that’s a whole lotta stories for another time.)

“So what happened? And which of these stories might get revived sometime? Maybe even sometime soon?”

Most of the stories got put on hold when some real-life event got in the way of continuing (whether it was my move to another state after leaving my ex, or enrolling in graduate school, or another story stealing my attention away for a time) but I actually have plans and even outlines for all of them that I still want to execute. “The Slow Burn” is currently undergoing major revisions, and there are definitely chapters in the works for “Falling Angels,” “Identity Theft,” and “Even Lions Have Their Pride,” and so you will see updates to those soon… and I hope to produce new chapters for the rest in the near future, too. So if you’re worried about starting one of these stories and then being left high and dry… think of it as like the hiatus between seasons of a TV show. The hiatus went on longer than intended… but new episodes are coming soon.

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