Frequently Asked Questions

So who the heck are you, really?
Ardath Rekha is a pen name. As for who I “really” am, well, I play that close to the chest. If you write erotica, there are a lot of people in your day-to-day life that you probably don’t want knowing about it. And I had a few bad experiences with “fans” of my work that also made it clear to me that I don’t necessarily want fans being able to “follow me home.” Please respect my desire for privacy. 🙂

Why was the site offline for a few years?
I went back to college and got a few degrees! The demands of academia meant that, for several years, I no longer had the free time to maintain sites I had run tech on before then… and that meant that the software running on those sites (including mine) went out-of-date. This wasn’t intentional, but by the time the sites went offline, little to no activity had occurred on any of them for quite a while anyway. AoVD and RGFC will be relaunching in the (hopefully) near future as well, but this site, as the smallest, was the easiest to bring back first.

Why don’t you have any of your Roleplaying Log titles here?
RPs are, of course, collaborative efforts. While I am still in contact with some of my RP partners, I’ve lost contact with others and would have no way of actually getting their permission to include the works they had co-authored. It would be inappropriate to archive those works here without their permission, and only having a partial archive of the RPs felt inappropriate, too. Many of them will be in the RGFC archives when those come back online, and all of them will be in the AoVD archives when it relaunches, so hopefully you won’t have long to wait until you can read them again.

What’s up with your unfinished stories?
If you leave out the RPs, there aren’t nearly as many unfinished stories as people seem to think. Exactly nine of the works in this archive are “Incomplete,” and none of them are likely to stay that way. My intention, with the relaunch, is to continue these stories in the months to come if possible. The complete explanation of each story and its incomplete status is as follows:

So are you going pro?
Hopefully soon! I have a complex idea that came out of the LJRP era — some heavy-duty sci-fi/fantasy — but which was tabled while I was chasing degrees, and I’m working with it now. If I can make it all work (balancing it against a day job and all of that), I hope to launch the first in a six-book cycle sometime next year. Fingers crossed!

I’m looking at the site on my phone and the formatting is a little weird. What gives?
There is, unfortunately, only so much optimizing you can do to make things look good on a really small screen. If you use an iPhone or iPad to view the site, the background image is going to scroll (instead of staying put and letting elements float over it) no matter what you do, because Apple thinks it’s 1998. 🙄 And while WordPress does a wonderful job of resizing images to fit a really small screen, there’s a certain point where that smallness will break any layout. I tested the layout using my iPhone 7 (which has the smallest screen size currently still sold by Apple) and while Lara­Rebooted was able to debug most elements, there were a few that just looked off no matter what she did. My main suggestion: don’t look at the site holding your phone vertically. Turn it horizontal so that there’s more width than length to the “page,” and things will balance out much better. Everything (aside from the background image— thank you so much for that, Apple!) displays exactly as it should when I do that, and my phone is elderly.

What’s the deal with the different download formats?
See, this was one of the most important aspects of the relaunch, and it’s why it will be a bit longer before RGFC or AoVD relaunch. With the sites going offline for several years (or, anyway, with the actual content inaccessible behind server errors) it became important to me, and to the other RGFC/AoVD staffers I’ve been working with, to bring back the stories in a way that would keep them in circulation no matter what happens in the future. We hit on the idea of making all of them into eBooks because one of my friends, who could only browse websites via her phone, worried about readability issues.

So in addition to being able to read the stories online, you have the option to download them in four different formats depending on your preferences. Two of the formats, .epub and .mobi, are intended to be imported into an ebook reader, while the remaining two — both .pdf format — are intended for people who want to print the stories out as physical copies. So it all depends on how you’re most comfortable reading the texts. The guidelines below will explain a little about which download format is best for you:

Ardath Rekha