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A “Pairing” refers specifically to a romantic match-up between two characters within a story, and specifically one that is somehow important to the story’s plot. There is a bit of overlap as stories can have more than one pairing, in case you were wondering why the numbers on the tabs add up to more than 39 works of fiction. I have divided the stories into four groupings that hopefully make sense, and hopefully help make the pairing you’re looking for easy to find.

Riddick/Jack (10)Riddick/Others (8)Misc. Pairings (5)No Pairings (20)

So obviously Riddick/Jack is my favorite romantic pairing, with ten of my stories featuring them. That’s why they get their own page. This pairing is present in both my Pitch Black fan fiction and some of my The Chronicles of Riddick AU fiction (all of which has Jack as a distinct and separate character from Kyra). Anyway, if I paired them, here they are.

Pairing: Riddick/Fry

It was the “Skiff Scene” between Riddick and Fry that ignited all of this, you see. I watched it so many times and then came online hunting fan fiction about the two of them. Riddick/Fry stories in which more happened, or in which Fry somehow survived, were what I initially sought out, and they opened up a wealth of fan fiction goldmines to me and inspired me to try my hand at writing some of my own. In fact, though, I only ever wrote these three PWPs, and only one of them proposed an alternate ending to the movie itself.

Pairing: Riddick/OFC

I thought I was going to write a lot of Riddick/OFC, once upon a time, but that wasn’t where my heart lay. My very first attempt at fanfic is here, when I thought this pairing was what people wanted to read most… and then it occurred in my second fanfic as well, as Riddick had purely transactional relationships with some women leading up to his relationship with Jack. And, well, that was the end of my interest in writing Riddick/OFC.

Pairing: Mystery Pairing

I mean, technically it’s a mystery who anyone is in these two stories, but here’s a great big honking clue: Riddick is one half of the pairing each time. But who has he paired up with? Hmmmm…

Pairing: Riddick/You

This was a rare attempt at second-person POV in a fanfic, and it went pretty well. If things had played out differently, there might have been more of these.

Leftover Pitch Black Pairings:

Both of these were very minor, incidental, blink-and-you-missed-it pairings of supporting characters.

Pairing: OMC/OFC

Pairing: Shazza/Fry

Pairings in Other Fandoms:

Dylan Johns and Maggie James from Poseidon (2006)

Elizabeth Shaw and the Engineer from Prometheus 2012

David 8 and Meredith Vickers from Prometheus (2012)

You know what? I’m not entirely sure why I included this tab, because it’s an identical list to the list that you will find on the Orientation: Gen tab. But hey, if you’re looking for stories where you don’t have to deal with romantic plots, either one will get you there, right?

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