Legal Notices

This website contains a variety of materials with complex intellectual property issues, elucidated below.

Site Design and Software

This site is designed using content management software provided by WordPress. WordPress retains all rights to the core program, although it permits its modification as long as credit is retained. Further adaptations have been made using a variety of plugins; information about these plugins, in detail, can be found on my acknowledgments page. The code in question remains the property of each individual programmer behind each plugin and is used in accordance with their specified terms of service.

Additional modifications and graphic design adjustments are the work of LaraRebooted. The images in the header and background of the site and each eBook cover are © 1998 Noel Mollon, whose image was adapted by Teri Williams Carnright for the now-retired Fantasyland Graphics site, which provided numerous elaborate and gorgeous site skins for Web 1.0 users in the 1990s to early 2000s. I have used those images in the site design since 2003 and remain a fan of the work. Because the images provided on the site were designed for the much-lower-resolution screens of that period, they underwent some minor adaptation by LaraRebooted to make them usable on a larger scale, but they remain Mollon’s work.

Transformative Work Legality

The fan fiction and fan art stored on this site falls under fair use practices as currently understood and promoted by sites like, AO3, and DeviantArt. That is, these are works that build upon a copyrighted work or works in a different manner or for a different purpose from the original, and thus should not infringe upon the original copyright-holders’ rights and entitlements.

The current legal precedents are that, as long as a fan fiction author or fan artist properly credits the source(s) of their transformative work, receives no monetary compensation for its creation and dissemination, and in no way interferes through their work with the rights-holders’ receipt of credit and compensation to which they are entitled, the works may continue to be published and promoted within the narrow contexts of fan fiction and fan art until/unless one of the rights-holders explicitly requests otherwise.

Transformed Works

The following works currently have fan fiction or fan art in my archive and galleries:

The eBooks, the Archives, and the Image Galleries

With the above in mind, every affected page of this site contains intellectual property attributions. The Publication Data pages in each eBook include information about the specific source material and its copyright-holders; this information also appears on each fan fiction work’s individual title page in the archive, and the Publication Data page in the “Read Online” version of each story. Specific information about the original source of each work of fan art is included with each image gallery, as well. I take absolutely no credit for the materials I have borrowed in the creation of my fan fiction and fan art.

The eBooks themselves, and most of their covers, were designed and built by LaraRebooted. The Publication Data within the books and in the archives also includes information about the specific sources of images and fonts used in their creation and includes live links to their relevant online sources (unless the source was specifically a screen capture from the original film or TV show). The Publication Data also includes an explicit warning that, although readers may be capable of passing materials they have downloaded on to others, these eBooks cannot be sold or offered for sale. In keeping with fair use doctrine, no money has been, nor may be, exchanged for any of these materials.

Ownership of the Balance of the Content

Because no monetary compensation has ever been received for these works, I want to make it clear that I retain exclusive ownership of those elements (characters and situations) that are not derived from the sources listed above, but which were created by me. For example, the character of Reginald Jarvis and the “Charybdis Project” plotline from Apprentice are both my own creations, as is Dr. Ian Dane from One Rule: Stay in the Light, Ludubĝara Zamin and the Myriad Worlds of Forbidden Gifts, and so on. As the only compensation I can legally receive for these materials is credit for my contributions, I do ask that no one co-opt my original characters and unique scenarios without giving me credit for them.

I also ask that, until such time as a work of fan fiction I’m writing is actually complete, other fan fiction writers hold off on creating derivative works based upon them. Let me finish telling my stories first, please, before you dive into those waters. Right now, that covers nine stories that can be found on my Incomplete Works tab; everything else is fair game for further transformation, assuming anyone is actually inclined in that direction.

If You are an Affected Copyright Owner

If you are, or represent, the owner of one of the copyrighted materials listed above on this site and wish some of all of its derivative works either removed or altered to give more accurate and comprehensive attribution, please contact me to apprise me of what you need me to do.

Ardath Rekha