Riddick/Jack Photomanips

As I was writing “Apprentice,” I always wanted to create cover art with an image of a grown-up looking Jack standing with Riddick, the two of them looking like they might realistically be a couple. The big problem that I had was that, while there was a wealth of Vin Diesel images available, there were almost none of Rhiana. (Another big problem I had was that I had very little good graphic design software available to me for a long time.) As I found images, I began experimenting. Ironically, I only got really good at it after the recasting announcement had come through, and it suddenly became incredibly important to me to create images of the reunion that I, and other Rhiana and Riddick/Jack fans, had been hoping to see and now never would. Most of these also appeared on the Rhiana Griffith Fan Club website’s galleries, and should reappear there after the relaunch.

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Ardath Rekha • Fanworks