Queen of Air, King of Darkness


Synopsis: Mere moments after Kyra and the Lord Marshal’s deaths, a slip of Aereon’s tongue reveals to Riddick just who Kyra really was, and who Jack really is.

Category: Fan Fiction

Fandom: The Chronicles of Riddick (2004), The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury (2004)

Series: None

Challenges: None

Rating: M

Orientation: Het (Plot)

Pairing: Riddick/Jack

Number of Chapters: 1

Net Word Count: 3,299

Total Word Count: 3,675

Story Length: Short Story

First Posted: November 27, 2004

Last Updated: November 27, 2004

Status: Complete


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The characters and events of The Chronicles of Riddick are © 2004 Universal Pictures, Radar Pictures, and One Race Films; Written and Directed by David Twohy; Based on characters by Ken and Jim Wheat; Produced by Scott Kroopf and Vin Diesel. The characters and events of The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury are © 2004 Universal Cartoon Studios; Directed by Peter Chung; Written by Brett Matthews; Story by David Twohy; Produced by John Kafka and Jae Y. Moh. The characters and events of Pitch Black are © 2000 USA Films, Gramercy Pictures, and Interscope Communications; Directed by David Twohy; Screenplay by Ken and Jim Wheat and David Twohy; Story by Ken and Jim Wheat; Produced by Tom Engelman. This work of fan fiction is a transformative work for entertainment purposes only, with no claims on, nor intent to infringe upon, the rights of the parties listed above. All additional characters and situations are the creation of, and remain the property of, Ardath Rekha. eBook design and cover art by LaraRebooted, utilizing a detail from an illustration by NightMareDrug, licensed via Pixabay, the Argor Flahm Scaqh font from Font Meme, and background graphics © 1998 Noel Mollon, adapted and licensed via Teri Williams Carnright from the now-retired Fantasyland Graphics site (c. 2003). This eBook may not be sold or advertised for sale. If you are a copyright holder of any of the referenced works, and believe that part or all of this eBook exceeds fair use practices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, please contact Ardath Rekha.

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Very sweet, in a Riddicky way!


I love this take on Jack. It gives me a way to resolve my feelings about the way the movie ended. Thank you so much for FIXING it!


Loooooove this one


Very nicely done! Only if things could’ve gone this way! Thanks.

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