Smugglers and Mercs


Synopsis: The crash of the Hunter-Gratzner isn’t the first time that Richard B. Riddick and Carolyn Fry have crossed paths. Where they knew each other from, before, will surprise you…
PS: If BDSM concepts squick you, you’ll want to skip this story.

Category: Fan Fiction

Series: None

Challenges: None

Rating: X

Orientation: Het (PWP)

Pairing: Riddick/Fry

Warnings: Harsh Language, Explicit Sexual Content, BDSM

Number of Chapters: 1

Net Word Count: 4,426

Total Word Count: 4,727

Story Length: Flash Fiction

First Posted: October 15, 2001

Last Updated: October 15, 2001

Status: Complete


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The characters and events of Pitch Black are © 2000 USA Films, Gramercy Pictures, and Interscope Communications; Directed by David Twohy; Screenplay by Ken and Jim Wheat and David Twohy; Story by Ken and Jim Wheat; Produced by Tom Engelman. This work of fan fiction is a transformative work for entertainment purposes only, with no claims on, nor intent to infringe upon, the rights of the parties listed above. All additional characters and situations are the creation of, and remain the property of, Ardath Rekha. eBook design and cover art by LaraRebooted, using a screencap of Vin Diesel and Radha Mitchell from Pitch Black, the Black Ops One font from Font Meme, and background graphics © 1998 Noel Mollon, adapted and licensed via Teri Williams Carnright from the now-retired Fantasyland Graphics site (c. 2003). This eBook may not be sold or advertised for sale. If you are a copyright holder of any of the referenced works, and believe that part or all of this eBook exceeds fair use practices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, please contact Ardath Rekha.

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Nicky (

I can’t remember where I read this, but it was almost impossible to give feedback there, so I came on a quest to find you so I could say – This is amazing. It really is. I loved how it was so playful and not a serious, dark fic like most of the Pitch Black ones I come across, but you still managed to keep the sense of danger in the story. It gave me warm fuzzies and made me smile…and I know you’ve probably been told this a lot, but I really think it deserves a continuation. Anything in the cards for it yet? Nicky x


Damn, woman! That was an amazing story… the wild thing is how similar it was to my first time.. Thanks for bringing back some amazing memories.

Ardath Rekha • Fanworks