Watch this space…

This is where I will be posting updates about individual stories, changes to the Fan Works area, and the like, as opposed to general updates on the main site page. As of today, well, the big news is simply the launch, but I’m also in the middle of writing Chapter 6 of Falling Angels and, of course, tearing apart The Slow Burn like a demented quilter. It’s going to be a bit quiet here for a while, though, as we take everything we learned in getting this site up and running and apply it to test-archives on RGFC and AoVD. (Those sites will take a while longer to launch; getting everything ready for the relaunch here took roughly two months of intensive work, and that was a collection of less than fifty stories. So it’ll take some time to get the other two sites back up.)

So if there’s a particular story you’re hoping to see more of, keep an eye on this page, because this is where you’ll hear about its appearance first.

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