Even Lions Have Their Pride


Synopsis: Four years after Pitch Black, Riddick and Jack have settled into a unique “Family” arrangement. (This story was formerly known as “Packmates.” Thank you to Chrysalis for the lovely new title!)

Category: Fan Fiction

Series: None

Challenges: None

Rating: X

Orientation: Het (Plot)

Pairing: Riddick/Jack

Warnings: Innuendo, Controversial Subject Matter (Child Trafficking, PTSD), Alcohol / Drug Use, Harsh Language, Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Violence / Gore, Death, Murder

Number of Chapters: 17

Net Word Count: 59,268

Total Word Count: 59,648

Story Length: Novel

First Posted: May 22, 2003

Last Updated: August 15, 2004

Status: Incomplete


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The characters and events of Pitch Black are © 2000 USA Films, Gramercy Pictures, and Interscope Communications; Directed by David Twohy; Screenplay by Ken and Jim Wheat and David Twohy; Story by Ken and Jim Wheat; Produced by Tom Engelman. This work of fan fiction is a transformative work for entertainment purposes only, with no claims on, nor intent to infringe upon, the rights of the parties listed above. All additional characters and situations are the creation of, and remain the property of, Ardath Rekha. eBook design and cover art by LaraRebooted, incorporating a publicity still of Vin Diesel, a photo of Rhiana Griffith that appeared in the Newcastle Herald, the “Raparperitaivas” font from Font Meme, and background graphics © 1998 Noel Mollon, adapted and licensed via Teri Williams Carnright from the now-retired Fantasyland Graphics site (c. 2003). This eBook may not be sold or advertised for sale. If you are a copyright holder of any of the referenced works, and believe that part or all of this eBook exceeds fair use practices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, please contact Ardath Rekha.

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In the many many many years that passed since I first read your writing, I’d managed to forget how *good* you are. Well it’s back now with the new appreciation of an adult (rather than the teenage girl I used to be). I really wish you’d finish this one. And also to find my “crybabyman” banner that I did back then because if memory serves, it was hilarious, and also I can no longer remember how to do things like that with PS which is sad.


I think I’ve read this a half-dozen times, and every time I get to this point and — even though I KNOW there’s not anything new after this chapter — have to bite my tongue to keep from screaming “NOOOO! MUST HAVE MORE!!!”

I love this Riddick and this Jack, the way they’ve come to relate to one another, and the way they’re both screwed up, but they’re screwed up together, so they’ll be okay. Or die horribly in a blaze of blood and gore — but that’s OK, too.

Mostly, because of the way this has been paced and the slow revelations of the past combined with the present, I really want the romantic happy ending. It would just be so right to have the abused hacker kid and the ironically honorable serial killer live happily ever after…

Y’know, after re-reading that last sentence, well, it’s entirely possible that I need to rework my definition of romantically happy endings.


This story is brilliant. The character’s actions have made me feel outraged, nostalgic, excited, intrigued, and made me laugh….and that’s every character. Not just one or two.

I don’t know if you plan to write more, but you’ve got yourself a brand-new hardcore fan right here.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to create and share this. Thank you.


I love this story so much. I´ve reread it for the 3rd time, and I don´t know why but i searched your name on google and found your site. And I couldn´t believe it, there was a chapter 17 (!!!!!) OMG! On all the other site this story has only 16 chapters. I´m so happy to finally read another one. I love how u portraits Jack and Riddick. I now it´s been a long long time, but it would be just awesome if u start to write on this one again. You have so much talent!


AHHHHHH!! You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch!! And I forgot on the last chapter to squeal about how much I love Chef Riddick, too cute, and somehow very much in character with his meticulous and sense driven qualities. I hope I’m not bugging you with all these reviews, but GAH! They have these natural patterns of invading each other’s physical space, but now it’s loaded with all the tension of the other night. And that fact that he hasn’t been with anyone else since just killed me! In a good way!

This feedback was originally left on Chapter 5 of the story in the old archiving system.
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