A major update, and facelift, for Identity Theft

Well, I took a break from social media and it got my creative juices flowing again in a big way. My muses for Identity Theft came rushing back, and since mid-January I have cranked out fourteen new chapters! If I can maintain this pace, it should be complete in another two months or so, and its sequel is champing at the bit to follow it.

The eBook version also has a brand new cover to go with the 14 new chapters, a much more dynamic image that reflects some of the wild and crazy adventures Jack and Kyra have been getting into together. I’m very happy with it.

Over in the Works In Progress section, I also have several rewritten chapters of The Slow Burn, which now has a whole lot more depth to it than it did when I first wrote that, and three new chapters of Falling Angels. My plan is to finish all of the stories I had cooking in my brain… I have to let my muses pick the order that they’re updated, because they will hijack me if I try to set the terms. If you’ve been following Identity Theft, you probably know that one of those muses is a very strange little crustacean.

But anyway, there’s a lot of life in the site right now, at least over in Works In Progress. So stop by for a read!

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Ardath Rekha