An Archive-wide Update

Hi everybody! Today all of the eBooks in the archive got some small updates applied to them, so if you want to make sure you’re current, this is a good time to re-download the eBooks of your choice.

While the updates were fairly minor, you will probably notice at least one of them. Every cover got a little bit of a glow-up. Also, some subtle debugging occurred to keep up with the evolving HTML coding standards. While nothing massive happened, it was enough to justify an archive-wide push of new editions. If you look on the title page of your ebook, the newest versions say Rev. 2022.10.09, so if you have an older date there, you might want to download the new version of your book.

Also, a reminder: if you’re reading these books in your Amazon Kindle, you need to download the .mobi file, not the .epub file. Yes, Kindle can open .epub files, but it interacts badly with them and claims that bugs exist where none are actually present (and sometimes on lines of code that don’t actually exist). You’re better off just going with .mobi, which Kindle natively understands and doesn’t screw up. If you’re using Apple Books, however, you definitely want the .epub version

More soon, hopefully!

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